Stylized Facts for Mobile Game Analytics

Anders Drachen, Nicholas Ross, Julian Runge and Rafet Sifa


There are numerous widely disseminated beliefs in the rapidly growing domain of Mobile Game Analytics, notably within the context of the Free-to-Play model. However, the field remains in its infancy, as there is limited conclusive empirical knowledge available across industry and academia, to provide evidence for these beliefs. Additionally, the current knowledge base is highly fragmented. For Mobile Game Analytics to mature, empirical frameworks are needed. In this paper the concept of stylized facts is presented as a means to develop an initial framework for a common understanding of key hypotheses and concepts in the field, as well as organizing the available empirical knowledge. A focus on stylized facts research will not only facilitate communication but also, more importantly, improve the quality and actionability of insights. Unified terminology and a comprehensive collection of stylized facts can be the building blocks for a conceptually well-founded understanding of mobile gaming.

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